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Leads, Opportunities and Callsheets

Quickly create leads using 1 click from anywhere in Webrino. Convert leads into Opportunities or Customers. Monitor your sales using the Sales Funnels approach with Callsheets. Classify your sales personnel into Teams of multiple Users, working with specific Targeted Industries or Companies/Contacts and see a threaded conversation view for all sales activities.

Opportunity Estimator

Structured Progress Monitoring

  • Sales objectives defined in Webrino are fixed according to best practises.
  • Progress values on event completion can be changed by management depending on business needs.
  • Sales teams have to systematically complete objectives before the entire sales funnel progresses.
  • Funnel progress is dependent on callsheets being created per sales objective, which in turn triggers sales events.

Opportunity Value Estimator

  • Calculate Opportunity Value by adding SKUs to and removing SKUs from the sales funnel.
  • Prices are automatically picked up as per Opportunity Currency.
  • Retain this information when converting Opportunities into Quotations.
  • One-click conversion of an Opportunity into a Quotation to be sent to the Customer.

Adopting this process in Webrino produces relevant business data that can be used to generate progress charts and reports for top management.

Threaded Conversations

Callsheets are the structured storage of the steps involved in closing a deal. The deal is a sales funnel in this case. The conversations that are stored during the deal making process can be viewed on demand in a threaded view. This makes it a very useful tool before the next follow up meeting with a customer. Your sales personnel can go well prepared. 

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