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Sales Tracking with Leads & Opportunities

Create Leads with a single click from anywhere in Webrino. Convert Leads into Opportunities for existing or new customers. Classify your sales personnel into Teams of multiple Users, working with specific targeted industries or Companies/Contacts. Track progress through the opportunity using the Sales Funnel approach by recording notes about phone calls, past communications and meetings had. Generation of quotation, order & invoice appears in the common timeline as the threaded history.

Opportunity Estimator

Opportunity Value Estimator

  • Calculate Opportunity Value by adding SKUs to and removing SKUs from the opportunity.
  • Prices are automatically picked up as per Opportunity Currency.
  • Add custom items in addition to SKUs with custom price.
  • One-click conversion of an Opportunity into a Sales Quotation to be sent to the Customer.

Daily Emails & Today's Tasks

  • Webrino sends a daily email with the day's tasks for all users that are part of your business.
  • Reminders added to various opportunities appear as daily tasks for the user, ensuring a focussed approach to the opportunity.
  • Completion of tasks automatically notify sales supervisors.
  • Based on the event, the opportunity is progressed automatically, as configured for your business.

Sales Supervisor Management Tools

Webrino has two tools that are very useful to sales supervisors. The sales dashboard, that tracks past sales activity and the kanban that tracks current sales opportunities.

Sales Dashboard

  • Built for sales supervisors or managers to track progress of all their sales teams.
  • History of the past 12 months of all sales displayed in a grid.
  • Clicking on a grid cell shows all opportunities within that month for a particular sales person.

Structured Progress Monitoring

  • Sales objectives defined in Webrino are fixed according to best practises.
  • Progress values on event completion can be changed by management depending on business needs.
  • Sales teams have to systematically complete objectives before the entire sales funnel progresses.
  • Funnel progress is dependent on callsheets being created per sales objective, which in turn triggers sales events.

Sales Kanban

  • Visualize all open opportunities in the form of a kanban board.
  • Opportunity status determines which lane it appears on: prospecting, early stage, active, and closed.
  • Prioritize opportunities within lanes, so important opportunities appear on top.
  • Clicking on an opportunity shows the activity timeline (history) with associated notes and events.

Threaded Conversations

Callsheets are the structured storage of the steps involved in closing a deal. The deal is a sales funnel in this case. The conversations that are stored during the deal making process can be viewed on demand in a threaded view. This makes it a very useful tool before the next follow up meeting with a customer. Your sales personnel can go well prepared. 

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