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Webrino Tradeboard

The Webrino Tradeboard has been custom built to suit the needs of Trading Businesses. Businesses can see both the Sales and Purchase side entries of Enquiries, Quotations, Orders and Invoices in a single screen. Webrino's Tradeboard logic seamlessly links the two sides together providing a Big-Picture overview of the day-to-day trading operations.

Webrino Tradeboard

Integrated Sales & Purchase

Webrino allows trading businesses to integrate the Sales & Purchase sides through a universal numbering system.

  • Receive and record Sales Enquiries from Customers.
  • Generate RFQs (Requests for Quotations) from your Vendors based on the Sales Enquiry. Data and labels are preserved when copied over requiring only one single data entry operation. Minimize human errors.
  • Track RFQs and receive Purchase Quotations from Vendors.
  • Combine multiple Purchase Quotations into a single Sales Quotation.
  • Apply your markup and see profit margins in the Tradeboard per Sales Opportunity.
  • Follow up and track sent Quotations to receive a Sales Order.
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders to pre-selected Vendors (as per choice of Purchase Quotations received and used) on confirmed Sales Orders.
  • Track Sales Quotations and Purchase Orders and generate reports or follow up documents for Customers and Vendors respectively. Generate printable PDFs.
  • Smart search and sort options.
  • The "Big Picture" on One Screen -- Webrino Tradeboard!

Webrino Tradeboard Workflow

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