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Launch Assist with a Webrino Partner

One of the primary reasons that business management software is not effectively utilized by users is because of the initial learning curve. Everyone's busy & time is at a premium. Getting office work done for the day is far more important than spending time self-learning a new process by trial and error. Ultimately, after the first few weeks of initial excitement about new software, there is a quiet demise and its never spoken of at the workplace.

Engage a Webrino Partner

To ensure that your organization is effectively using Webrino and reaping its benefits, we've created a Webrino Partner program. Together we will work with your staff and make sure that Webrino's benefits are delivered to your business.

Webrelational Media

Webrelational Media LLP (WebrMedia) is a Webrino technology partner. WebrMedia is a Bangalore based company offering web design, web application development and online marketing services worldwide.

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On the demo platform, please provide your email address and mobile number. A one-time code will be sent to your mobile number that can be used to login as management.

Benefits of a Webrino Partner

A Webrino Partner may provide many of the services mentioned below:

  • Hands on training for your staff on effectively using Webrino.
  • Phone customer support, in addition to email, chat and support ticket system.
  • Multiple training sessions to ensure no drop-off occur in software adoption rates.
  • Webrino customization & implementation extensibility (with select Webrino Partners).

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